Convent General KYCH, USA, Inc.

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Convent General
Knights York Cross of Honor, USA, Inc.
Chartered April 23, 2003
The History of the Convent General
Knights York Cross of Honor, USA, Inc.

Message from the MEGMG


As the 9th Most Eminent Grand Master-General, it is my pleasure as well as my esteem honor, on behalf of the officers and members of the Convent General, U.S.A. (PHA), to welcome you to our website.  It is our intent to provide information about our Masonic order that will be beneficial as well as enlightening. The Knight York Cross of Honour is a highly selective Masonic organization with potential members being considered by invitation only and each person must demonstrate a history of Masonic leadership, coupled with service.  

A potential candidate must be a Past Master of a Lodge, a Past High Priest of a Holy Royal Arch Chapter, a Past Thrice Illustrious Master of a Royal & Select Council and a Past Eminent Commander of a Knight’s Templar Commandery.  Our foundation is built on leadership and service to the Masonic order, our communities, our states and the world.  We are continuing to grow, forging inroads and making valuable contributions at the local, national, and global level. Visitors are welcome to peruse the content of our website, while enjoying and absorbing the information available for your consumption.  I am honored and humbled the officers and members of the Convent General, U.S.A. (PHA) elected me to lead and grow with them as we forge forward into the future.  To God be the Glory!   BIO LOCATED HERE
Convent General Officers
are elected every 12 months

York Cross of Honor
where we hold our meetings!
CLICK.  Take a moment and view the HISTORY of our Priories
Convent General Conclave

The next scheduled meeting will be held in North Carolina. More Information to follow




The Convent General wants all its members to adhere to all safety precautions medical personell have suggested.  If we are to win the COVID 19 battle we must do it together.
Knights York Grand Cross of Honor
Our Book of Law states “To be absent from the body is to present with the Lord”. It is in that spirit we pay reverence to the following whom the GAOTU has called from labor to rest:  CLICK

The Convent General family
Convent General Award Recipients
Members who have been of Service to the Convent General are at times rewarded for that service
The  Convent General Knights York Cross of Honor, USA, Inc.

Created by Kenneth M. Barkley (18) for the Convent General (KYCH), USA, Inc.
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